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Palawan - The Last Frontier

Final Destination – Shimizu Island

Shimizu Island, El Nido, Palawan

Are you wondering why they call this island after a Japanese name? According to our local tourist guide, the island was named after a japanese scuba diver who found the lovely underwater paradise surrounding the island. Unfortunately, one day an incident happened and it took his life just near the island. It has been said that he died because of insufficient oxygen in his tank while underwater. So, in tribute to that guy, this island was named after him. That’s it.

Shimizu’s main attraction is the narrow stretch of powdery white sand and the beautiful marine life just a couple of meters from the shore. Clams and a school of colorful fishes are just around the waters of Shimizu that’s why the island is a great place for snorkeling. The corals around Shimizu are an spectacular view, providing a nice home for a good variety of marine life. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs, and a limestone islet sits right across the shore.

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Shimizu island snorkeling

Snorkeling at Shimizu island is an unforgetable experience of a lifetime.

Just South of Miniloc Island is the Shimizu Island and its compact powdery white sand beach which is a picnic favorite for both locals and tourists. During our visit, many foreigners were there enjoying the snorkeling, swimming and feeling with being in one of nature’s best places. Actually, we just came just after a group of young Spanish tourists who really loved the place. And according to them, El Nido is a wonderful and a must-see destination in the Philippines – particularly in Palawan. One of them said that they enjoyed their stay and thay are thankful specially to the hospitality of Palaweños. With that, they assure us they will come back for sure.

We are there until noon and we took our lunch under the shade of the trees. The food is great, with fresh grilled fish, grilled pork, mangoes and crabs. Our island hopping ends there due to limited time schedule. But, short as it is, the visit is quite remarkable and memorable. I have come and experienced El Nido and though our early morning trip got delayed it’s still worth the wait.

In El Nido, there are lots of superb services while there are selection of enriching experiences and natural beauty to offer while preserving the environment. So while the price seems steep at first glance, it actually isn’t since you need not pay anything extra. The place is spectacular, views all around are phenomenal. The water is the clearest for diving and snorkeling. To put it simply, if you can afford going here, do it! Everything was absolutely perfect.

And instead of writing a long review, I think it boils down to “just go and experience it for yourself!”. It was awesome! Overall, this is a fantastic place to stay, with truly breathtaking views. If tourists loved to come back, I definitely will.

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